Discovery & Qualitative Research Services

Not sure if there is information out there to answer your question?

I locate and negotiate archival materials - manuscripts, correspondence, logbooks and other historical documents – as well as modern materials - census data, military and service records, government policy documents and secondary literature.

I can tell you if the information you seek is out there and provide details about where to find it.

Can’t read old letters or manuscripts?

I read and transcribe archival materials. This means that you don’t have to become an expert in old handwriting or writing styles to figure out what materials say.

I produce line-by-line transcripts for easy comparison and referencing.

Delaina Sepko provided archival research for my most recent book, On Sunset, a memoir. She’s a genius. She found documents I didn’t dream existed — for example, 100 year old war diaries that traced my grandfather’s movements though France in WWI — records that proved invaluable, as they filled in holes in family history. Not only was Delaina enthusiastic and quick to provide answers to what seemed like impossible questions, but she brought her own intellectual curiosity to the table, asking questions that helped me clarify what I wanted to know. Over the course of 30 years and 16 books, I’ve depended on the assistance of more than a dozen researchers, none has come close to meeting my new standard: Delaina Sepko.
— Kathryn Harrison, author