Research Skills Training

Unsure how to start your research?

I offer research skills training that will help you when identifying and using materials. This makes you more independent and confident when taking on projects.

Need some help integrating your materials into your project?

I advise heritage and local history groups on how to collect, store and share materials gathered during projects. This ensures the hard work invested is not wasted once the project is completed.

Training topics could include sourcing and collecting materials, cataloguing, storing and sharing results but I am always happy to discuss your specific needs.

Lambhill Stables acquired a considerable volume of photographs, maps, documents, oral history recordings and etc. in the course of a project researching the local history of the Lambhill Area, “Coal, Cottages., Canals”. Delaina came and spent several hours with us to establish our requirements for indexing the material and creating an online archive and then gave us a seminar on how to proceed supplemented by written notes for future consultation. She also promised that she would be available for consultation if we had problems in the future. Her training was tailored to our needs and abilities and her approach was open and helpful.
— Lambhill Stables Local History and Heritage Group

For more information about Lambhill Stables or “Coal, Cottages and Canals,” please see their website for more details.

Lambhill Stables canal